Noun explanation of coating machine

- Feb 01, 2021-

The textile coating industry relies on polymers and the specialized chemical industry that produces polymers, additives, footprints and other chemical necessities to produce products with certain quality standards and durability to meet specific customer needs. The textile coating and lamination production process is similar to the related engineering in the film and paper industry. Film and paper are coated with polymers or laminated to other materials. In fact, the boundary between paper and some nonwovens is very blurry. Only the nonwoven industry itself may be the largest user of polymer resin adhesives. Textile coatings also use some polymers used in the coatings industry, such as acrylates and polyurethanes. In fact, some analysts now call the coatings industry a coating. Similar to painting, the fabric uses several thin coats instead of thick coats in the coating process to get the best results.