Non-woven stenter system maintenance instructions

- Aug 04, 2018-

The non-woven stenter system is mainly composed of a front and rear tenter and a combination of front and rear needle plates. As a user, we should first be familiar with the use and maintenance of the stenter system. Generally, a pressure sensor is installed in the stenter frame of the stenter system of the non-woven stenter, and care should be taken not to collide and damage during maintenance.


During use, the heat shield on the stenter frame of the non-woven stenter frame shall not be removed at will, otherwise the signal may drift due to excessive temperature. The main process parameter for controlling the width shrinkage of the system is tension. Be sure to be accurate when the operator sets the tension process value. Sensors such as pressure and proximity switches are precision components and should be calibrated frequently to ensure their sensitivity and reliability.


In the normal operation state of the non-woven stenter, the tentering state remains stable, and the cooling fan equipped with the motor works synchronously. If the fan is faulty or the slope of the needle plate exceeds the protection value, the system will protect the motor from working. At the same time, in order to ensure the accuracy of the stenter gauge length, please turn the stenter to the zero position to clear it during normal operation.