Non-woven stenter Machine moisture content control reasons and overfeed device

- Nov 13, 2017-

[Overview] Non-woven stenter, which is a tenter, as it is for a non-woven cloth, so this kind of tenter, called Non-woven stenter Machine. So, what should we know, and how to use it well? Below, it will explain the relevant knowledge, to achieve this goal.


1.Non-woven stenter Machine moisture content control reasons

Non-woven during a series of operations, will contain some water, in order to smooth these operations, and get good results. However, if the moisture content of the nonwoven fabric is too high or too low, the effect of the progress of each process will be affected. Therefore, the moisture content of the fabric should be controlled so that the various processes can be smoothly carried out In addition, there is a good processing effect.


2 Non-woven stenter Machine and other stenter, the components are common?

Non-woven stenters, which belong to the tenter category, but if compared with other stenters, then they are some different, not exactly the same, such as working temperature, As well as cloth amplitude and requirements and so on. Therefore, they are not common on the parts, if any, but also a few.



3. overfeed device

Non-woven stenter, if necessary, can be installed at the entrance to the cloth overfeed device in order to overcome the non-woven fabric in the process of instability caused by the size of the change. It is by definition defined as the speed at which the fabric is fed in at a speed greater than the speed of the tenter, and on the other hand, it is fed overturned.

The impact of being over fed: Decoding - weft density increase - weight gain.

Effect of overtaking: Pull code - Weft density decline - Weight loss.


4 printing and dyeing plant in the use of non-woven tenter

In the printing and dyeing factory, the Non-woven stenter machine will be used, and the whole process of printing and dyeing is as follows: practicing bleaching - scouring and bleaching - bleaching - mercerizing - drying - dyeing - tentering - finishing - package. Therefore, it can be seen in the printing and dyeing plant, the use of non-woven tenter, usually after dyeing, but before finishing. And, it is also an important equipment, can not be missing.