Non-woven fabric in non-woven stenter and the stenter properties

- Apr 28, 2018-

Non-woven stenter is a kind of stenter. It has many applications. How to operate non-woven tenter correctly and get good results?

The non-woven fabric in the non-woven stenter, specifically, refers to loosening the polyester staple fiber and then laying a thin layer. Afterwards, spray and molding operations are performed. It is a fabric that does not use knitted fabrics and does not use mechanisms.

Non-woven stenter, from a professional point of view is a non-woven machinery and equipment. Non-woven fabrics, which can be reclassified, are generally classified into sticky, acupuncture and spunlace.

The stenter is a kind of textile equipment that is used in the textile industry because it stretches the fabric by heating and stretching tension on both sides of the textile printing and dyeing, and maintains the width of the weft. in. The main components and devices of the non-woven stenter are guiding devices, drafting devices, heating devices, ironing devices, cloth dropping devices and static electricity eliminating devices.