Non-woven coating machine process requirements and main types

- Jun 11, 2018-

The non-woven coating machine is mainly used for the surface coating process of paper, film, etc. during the operation process, and can effectively coat the rolled substrate with a layer of its specific function during the operation process. Glue, oil film and paint, etc., and then effectively drying after the winding.

The non-woven coating machine can effectively use its special multi-functional coating head to effectively realize its various forms of surface coating during the operation process. The rewinding and unwinding of the coating machine are all configured with full-speed automatic connection. Membrane mechanism, PLC program tension closed-loop automatic control.

Roller-type non-woven coating machine mainly uses its coating roller to apply coating to the coating surface in the process of operation. In the process of operation, the coating in the machine will be based on such coating machine. During the operation, the coating amount can be adjusted to a certain extent by measuring the pressure between the rollers. The pressure is increased, the throughput of the coating is reduced, and the coating amount is reduced.

Roller coater type

1, press roll coating head

2, reverse roller coating head

3, transfer roller coating head

4, gravure roller coating head

Spray non-woven coating machine

Spray coating technology is a non-contact coating method that uses controlled high-pressure spray technology to coat paper or paperboard on one or both sides (sizing).

Curtain type non-woven coating machine

The multi-layer curtain coater can impart three-layer structure (bottom layer, absorbent layer, and top layer) to the surface of the ink-jet printing paper with only one coating operation, and can obtain a uniform coating on the uneven paper surface.

Slit type non-woven coating machine

The slit coating head includes a coating liquid storage tank, a pump for pumping the coating liquid in the coating liquid storage tank to the nozzle through the supply line, and a control part for controlling the operation of the pump and the nozzle. The pressure detection unit detects the pressure of the pipeline, and the nozzle discharges the coating solution when the pressure reaches a predetermined pressure condition.

Non-woven coating machine process requirements

The coater needs to evenly adhere the glue or ink substance on the surface of aluminum foil, plastic film or cloth textile, and has relatively high requirements on the coating process. It requires not only uniform coating height but also high-speed non-stop roll change to improve production efficiency.