Non-woven carpet back coating line practical skills

- May 02, 2019-

In the process of using the non-woven carpet back coating line, in order to avoid defects and improve the quality of the product, it is necessary to master some operation skills of the non-woven carpet back coating line. First of all, it is necessary to increase the concentration of the adhesive or to use a good wettability adhesive, which can effectively reduce the generation of bubbles.


Secondly, the substrate of the non-woven carpet back coating line is corona treated by adding a corona processor to the surface of the substrate before coating, so that the surface is raised to enhance the surface tension, thereby improving the substrate. The amount of glue applied to the surface to avoid the generation of bubbles.


At the same time, it is necessary to properly install and adjust the scraper for the non-woven carpet backing line. When coating, the amount of glue applied depends mainly on the depth of the mesh of the anilox roll. The deeper the mesh is, the more the amount of glue is applied, and the shallower the mesh is, the less the amount of glue is applied. Correct adjustment of the scraper ensures a more even amount of glue, which reduces or avoids the appearance of air bubbles.


In the actual operation process, it is suitable to adjust the blade pressure by the hammer method, and the pressure of the blade is generally 200-400 kPa. Generally, the radial angle between the contact point of the scraper and the anilox roller is between 15 and 30. When the packaging safety scraper is flat, the coating amount is uniform, otherwise, the difference in coating amount becomes large. The flatness of the blade depends on the mounting method of the blade, and may also be related to the adhesion of the inside of the holder groove or the blade or the lining.


Therefore, when installing the scraper, wipe the lining first, then place the new insert behind the lining and fit it into the turret slot. When tightening the back screw, first tighten from the middle of the blade to both sides, and tighten the two sides. In order to prevent the blade from warping, it is usually necessary to tighten the screws two or three times to complete the packaging of the detergent. While tightening the screws, use a cloth to clamp the blade and the lining, and pull it tightly to the outside, so that the assembled squeegee is compared. Leveled up.