Motor control and independent temperature control of the blade coating machine

- Aug 28, 2018-

The blade coating machine is controlled by its 5 variable frequency motor during operation. In operation, its discharge rack is in the form of electric flip double station. In operation, it adopts magnetic powder automatic tension control, comma scraper coating method, comma scraper roller clutch The adjustment adopts a pneumatic swing arm type, and the swing arm is controlled by a micro-adjustment device, and the thickness of the glue is controlled by a feeler gauge.

The coating scraper shaft of the blade coating machine adopts heavy-duty double-shaft mechanical independent swimming. In operation, the scraper adjustment mode is manual with pneumatic type, and the angle is arbitrarily adjusted during operation, and the coating amount is mainly during operation. It depends on the anilox roller eye line, and the different coating amount can be changed to the anilox roller of different eye lines.

The blade coating machine adopts 4 sections of independent temperature control during operation, the whole equipment is heated by electric heating, its hot air enters the drying system, and the adjustable internal circulation suction and exhaust device has strong wind and dry air. The inner guide wheel of the oven is synchronized with the main engine. The transmission adopts the synchronous belt wheel transmission type to reduce the material stretching and deformation. The side door type oven and the film-piercing operation platform make the operator easy to work.