Matters needing attention in coating machine operation

- Sep 15, 2017-

The coating machine is used for the coating production of BOPP sealing adhesive tape. The rolled substrate is coated with a specific function of glue, paint or ink, and then dry to receive the volume. It uses a special high-speed coating head, can effectively reduce the production of bubbles, coating machine unwinding and rewinding are equipped with full speed automatic access mechanism, tension closed-loop automatic control.

Coater in the process of the operation, the first will comply with two of the operating process. 1. The process of reversing roller coating is 2. Coating machine Reverse roll coating and its coating window: in our polar sheet cloth machine, the slurry coating on the coating roller is in the bright roll empty area to move to the reverse roll on the opposite side of the foil or foil wrapped around. Therefore, its coating process is also necessary to satisfy the reversal stick coating rules. In the reverse roll coating process, if the two-roll vacancy is relatively small, the capillary number is low enough, that is, in the viscosity or the speed of the relatively small case, in the relatively wide rate of speed of the program is relatively stable activities. Can get a better coating quality. If the vacancy is larger, when the coating speed is high, the air clip is briefly presented, and there are many thin bubbles on the coating surface. Sometimes in order to add output value, selection of travel coating speed, there is the ability to present the harmful effects of air clamping, in order to eliminate this harm, select the operation to reduce the vacancy.