Materials and coating processes used in banners coating machinery

- Feb 22, 2019-

There are many types of coaters, each of which works differently, so it should be considered when selecting materials. Banners coating machinery is just one of them.

However, when designing a banner coater, the selection of materials is also critical, and some need to design anti-wear structures or select wear-resistant materials.

Because the thermal conductivity of stainless steel is significantly lower than that of carbon steel, in the banners coating machinery based on conduction heat transfer, if stainless steel is selected as the main material, the heat transfer area of the equipment should be the thermal conductivity of stainless steel.

Selecting materials for the equipment installation environment, in many cases, although the above conditions can meet the requirements, also pay attention to the material requirements of the equipment installation environment.

When the banners coating machinery is produced, firstly, the guide rollers of the substrate are installed in the direction of the wire, and the adhesive is adjusted proportionally, and the heating system of the oven is started. When the corresponding set temperature is reached, the drive motor is turned on,can be opened for coating production.

The substrate of the unwinding device is first subjected to an anilox roller, after being coated with a glue, and then subjected to a dry bath through a drying tunnel to complete the coating process.