Main technical parameters and production process of non-woven stenter machine

- May 24, 2019-

In the process of making the non-woven stenter machine, the thick film of polytetrafluoroethylene material is used for stretching and stretching into a film, and it can also be used for expansion and stretching of other plastic films.

Non-woven stenter machine process

Unwinding --> edge detection --> upper clamp --> stretching --> high temperature baking --> framing --> detachment --> winding

Main technical parameters of non-woven stenter machine

1. Holding cloth: single cloth.

2. Heat source: electric heating.

3. Width: Width: 200 mm

4. Applicable varieties: PTFE materials and other plastic films.

5. Speed control mode: AC frequency conversion control.

6. Temperature control mode: intelligent temperature control.

7. Track form: Lubrication of cast iron guide plate.

8. Detecting edge form: photoelectric edge

After processing the fabric of the non-woven stenter machine, introduce the guide cloth to the operation table, tear the guide cloth, click the main control button to red, and close the upper needle protection inlet button to “0”. Start the rear half of the machine, stop when the cloth guide head reaches the cloth feeding super-feeding roller, connect the guide cloth to the guide belt, close the cooling tube tension motor to “0” and start the rear half of the machine until the guide cloth is completely out of the cloth rack. Close the main cloth control button to red and start the machine to make the chain