Main structure of textile hot air stenter setting machine and its purpose of use

- Nov 30, 2018-

In the textile industry, we often use textile hot air stenter setting machine, which include in and out cloth devices, rolling equipment, hot air circulation systems, cooling devices, weft feeders, drying rooms, overfeeding devices, and door width adjusting devices. Components such as a dehumidification device. Among them, the cloth feeding device is used for feeding and discharging cloth, and the vehicle device is mainly for padding the fabric.

In addition, the main function of the hot air circulation system of the textile hot air setting machine is to improve the heat utilization efficiency and production efficiency of the equipment. The cooling device cools the finished product while reducing the crease of the cloth. As for the super-feeding device, it is mainly to adjust the warp shrinkage rate of the product to improve the feel of the fabric. The width adjustment device facilitates the smoothing of the fabric and the stability of the web.

The reason for the post-treatment of the fabric using a textile hot air stenter setting machine is to improve the surface quality of the fabric by this operation. Overall, this operation reduces dye shrinkage, improves dye uniformity, and makes the fabric look more beautiful. In addition, after the processing by the textile hot air setting machine, the yarn strength and feel of the fabric have been significantly improved, and the static electricity can be eliminated to improve the overall quality of the product.