Main structure and heating system of textile hot air stenter setting machine

- Apr 12, 2019-

During the operation of the textile hot air stenter setting machine, the unshaped cloth is directly fed into the machine by the stripper, and the machine automatically attaches the two ends of the cloth to the needle board, and the two ends of the needle board follow the mechanical operation. The web enters the oven, the oven is heated by electric, the fan blows air, and after several consecutive constant temperature ovens of different temperature sections, after entering the tail end, after cooling and static electricity, the swing falls into the cloth, and the cloth is crisp and beautiful. .


The main components of the textile hot air stenter setting machine

The feeding part, the weft feeder, the chain, the oven body and the falling device, and the chemical system and the oil furnace heating system can be additionally provided.


The textile bleaching and dyeing process of the textile hot air stenter setting machine is subjected to the mechanical warp pulling force to make the warp direction of the fabric stretch and the width of the fabric is wide, the edge of the cloth is even, and the weft yarn is skewed.


The tenter finishing of the textile hot air stenter setting machine is based on the damp state of the cotton fiber and has a certain plasticity characteristic. The drying process is adjusted to adjust the warp and weft fabric state to the specified size to achieve a stable shape.


The textile hot air stenter setting machine effectively realizes the tentering function in the process of operation. The machine is gradually widened by the cloth adding, rolling, wefting device, drying drum hot air drying and falling frame working setting machine. Slowly drying and obtaining the tentative type main transmission part is required by the main two chain groups to ensure the position is highly synchronized and stable. The latitude and longitude of the 5mm internal acceleration/deceleration range within 40mm should be eliminated immediately and the error can be accumulated.