Main structural features and transmission methods of non-woven stenter

- Sep 08, 2018-

The non-woven stenter is mainly used for the horizontal movement of the needle plate or the cloth. The whole product is laid out in the form of a pendulum folding cloth or a large roll cloth. The non-woven stenter is in progress. When used, its main transmission mode is the AC motor drag of the variable frequency variable frequency speed regulation.

Main structural features of non-woven stenter

1. Non-woven stenter is mainly made up of its building block type small circulating oven structure, and each section of the drying room is an independent temperature control unit.

2. The circulating fan adopts axial flow fan, wedge-shaped air duct, and small round holes are evenly distributed.

3. The air duct of the non-woven stenter can be pulled out from the side of the drying room, which is more convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

4. The filter can be removed from the outside of the oven for cleaning.

5. The stenter track adopts a cast iron flat field track, and the stenter chain adopts an off-chain chain.

6. The infrared edge detector is used to ensure the needle on the fabric is reliable.

7. Optional rolling and wefting equipment can be selected as needed.