Main features of the stenter

- Nov 09, 2019-

1) Can be operated by one person.

2) Optional airbag mold or plastic mold.

3) Two cold and two hot, with sweeping knife, with adjustable pull-down jaws

4) The upper mold airbag structure eliminates the need for custom plastic molds, saves costs, and is quick and convenient to use vacuum inflation and exhaust.

5) It is quick and convenient to load and unload the lower mold

6) The lower mold can be customized according to requirements.

7) The lower die can be externally tilted to the operator.

8) Mobile mold column.

9) The sliding pull-down jaws of the cold mold provide perfect shaping for women's shoes/boots with high uppers.

10) Microelectronics processing system.

11) The airbag is pressed down to the action mode.