Latex coating machine transmission parts wear, concrete foundation damage do not panic

- Mar 07, 2018-

Latex coating machine is, after all, a mechanical equipment, after use for some time, it is inevitable that there will be first off the site of wear or damage to the concrete foundation. The face of latex coating machine equipment, we do not have to panic, pay attention to and be aware of the following issues, this time is to ensure the normal use of equipment.


Speaking of latex coating machine transmission parts wear, it is common that will include the coating machine dryer cylinder head wear and roll roll bearing room wear and tear. And in terms of the traditional repair method is covered in the surfacing, thermal spraying, brush plating, etc. However, there will be some drawbacks in terms of these methods, the more common, including surfacing will make the surface of the part very High temperature, causing deformation or cracks, the serious is that it will lead to shaft fracture; when the plating is too thick, there will be serious pollution, the application is also limited.


However, with the development of technology, latex coating machine equipment currently used is to solve the above problems can be polymer composites, which is more mature in the application of Mika technology system. Material has good adhesion and compressive strength, can effectively prevent the demolition site repair coating machine wear.


At the same time polymer composites to a large extent that is, will have the lack of metal concession, which is the case that can be better absorption equipment shock vibration, to avoid secondary wear. When it comes to the damage to the concrete foundation of equipment, it is caused by factors such as corrosion, aging and equipment vibration, which will cause the bolt of the fastening equipment to loosen and seriously affect the production.


At present, the application of latex coating machine equipment polymer composites with good impact resistance, compressive strength, and such performance Shanghai is far greater than the current concrete materials, at the same time, for the latex coating machine The material is also glued to steel and other rough surfaces and is fast curing, a new scientific finding that repairs damaged concrete foundations on latex coaters.