Knitted fabric stenter properties and operation

- May 04, 2018-

The knitted fabric stenter is a stenter for tentering the knitted fabric. It is one of the commonly used equipment in the textile industry and has a wide range of applications. Knitted fabric stenter, from a professional perspective, is a printing and dyeing machinery and equipment.


Knitted fabric stenter knitted fabric is a kind of fabric made by knitting yarns into loops and knitting each other. And can be divided into two kinds of weft and warp knitting. Weft knitted fabrics are made of low-elasticity polyester filaments or special-shaped polyester filaments, nylon filaments, cotton yarns or wool yarns. The warp-knitted fabrics are made of synthetic filaments such as polyester, nylon, vinylon or polypropylene.


The use of knitted fabric stenter is very simple and convenient. As long as it is correct and standardized, then you can get good quality products.


The fabrics in the stenter of knitted fabrics come in a variety of forms and specifications. Therefore, according to the specific conditions and requirements of the stenter, we can select the appropriate types and specifications. In this way, we can ensure the fabric tenting machine for fabrics and knitted fabrics. The matching, while allowing equipment to work smoothly, to obtain good results.