Introduction about nonwoven stenter main components

- Mar 14, 2018-

In the process of processing non-woven fabrics and other products, it is often necessary to use nonwoven stenter to heat and stretch the tension on both sides, Stretch the products such as non-woven fabrics and keep them uniform in the weft width.In this way, the appearance of the product can be uniform and the appearance can be more beautiful,  at the same time, the deformation of the product during processing can also be reduced.


Non-woven stenter includes different specifications and models, but its basic structure is the same, mainly including the following components:


1. Guide device: The main function of the device is to smoothly guide the non-woven fabric into the non-woven stenter. The guiding device is mainly composed of a plurality of guide rollers, an edge suction device and a bracket with a roller.


2, Drafting device: In the non-woven tenter, the device's main role is to fasten the fabric, in order to facilitate the application of tension to stretch the fabric on both sides.


3, Heating device: heating device is mainly to provide non-woven stenter heat treatment, usually heated by steam and spray to wet.


4. Ironing device: After the above steps are processed, it may have a certain effect on the cloth edge. Therefore, after the treatment of the non-woven tenter ironing device, these phenomena can be eliminated and the spread door can be opened. The size of the web is relatively stable, and at the same time, the ironing of the fabric can be even and smooth.


In addition, the nonwoven stenter also includes a drop device and static elimination device to ensure the stenter use . During daily use of non-woven tenters, it is also necessary to keep the machine clean.