Introduce a performance carpet coating machine

- Nov 18, 2017-

There is a carpet coating machine in the market that is very popular with friends of our customers. The equipment is mainly used for gluing and vulcanizing production lines with asphalt, PVC and PU materials. In particular, it adopts full-line integrated control and automatic cutting system. Therefore, the carpet machine with many advantages won the user's favor.


1, the main purpose of carpet machine:

In practice, the equipment is widely used. Usually we use the carpet machine to apply asphalt, PVC and PU materials to the coating and vulcanization lines. It can be applied to tufting, nylon, polypropylene and other carpets on the back of the rubber vulcanizing machine automatically cut the flow of production to. In comparison, the device can achieve better results in many aspects, such as its coating thickness control, uniformity control and drying room temperature control, etc. to be superior to other similar products.


2, carpet machine's powerful features reflected in what areas?


Combined with the actual application, the carpet machine itself has a fairly complete standard features, while users can also be personalized matching to meet different job requirements. One of the standard components using high-tech high-performance components, coupled with matching and diversified options to be able to specifically expand its functionality. During operation, tension control is applied to the carpet and the guide mechanism maintains precise feed.


In addition, from the overall structure of the carpet machine to analyze, which uses a unified structure, thus saving floor space. One of the rubber roller with precision manual and automatic transfer control. Users can choose to use the production requirements of asphalt, PVC and PU rubber roller.


3, the carpet machine control system how?


The superior performance of the carpet coating  machine is in fact largely due to its own advanced control technology. Because of its use of PLC + inverter control, which can achieve Promise speed to meet the production requirements of different users. In addition, the carpet unit can be synchronized between the control unit, the whole machine online operation, can be applied to different production processes.