Internal shaping machine must make every effort to develop energy-efficient machines

- Dec 10, 2020-

Domestic setting machines must make every effort to develop high-efficiency and energy-saving machines. Since the development of the stereotypes machine industry, both the number of products, the number of enterprises, the production and sales volume and the market holdings have all achieved rapid growth and have undergone dizzying changes. According to estimates by the Jiangsu Wuxi Textile Association, in 2010, my country's output of shaping machines alone exceeded 10 million units. There is no doubt that China has become the world's largest producer of yarn steaming machines. Judging from the reality of energy consumption, my country is facing new challenges in environmental issues. Therefore, improving the energy efficiency of the steaming setting machine and strengthening operation management are effective ways to cut peaks and fill valleys and alleviate my country's power bottleneck. It has far-reaching strategic significance for my country's economic development and environmental protection. The country is currently revising the energy efficiency standards for yarn steaming machines, which will require a substantial increase in the energy efficiency of the setting machines. At the same time, we should also realize that my country's yarn steaming machine manufacturers are always in a state of no external pressure and no internal power for energy conservation. The power efficiency of the product is low and the waste is serious. Especially the products and specials of some small enterprises.