How to repair the damage of the textile coating machine

- Dec 11, 2017-

If the textile coating machine shaft wear, the traditional repair methods, including surfacing, thermal spraying and brush plating, etc. However, the textile coating machine itself more or less there will be drawbacks, surfacing will make parts surface To reach a relatively high temperature, this time, it will cause deformation or crack phenomenon, serious will lead to shaft fracture.


Then, we should pay attention to the repair method of textile coating machine, plating layer can not be too thick, the pollution will be more serious, the application will be limited. With the development of technology, to solve the above problems will be polymer composites, of which, more mature application of many technical systems.


In addition, the textile coating machine damage in the repair, the material, have better adhesion and compressive strength, in this case, it has the characteristics of disassembly, at the same time, because of its inherent lack of performance with the metal , Will be better to absorb the impact of vibration equipment, to avoid secondary wear and tear.


Textile coating are subject to corrosion, aging, equipment vibration and other related factors, this time will cause damage to the concrete base and other parts, which will lead to the fastening of the bolt equipment a series of loose phenomenon, more seriously may affect produce.


Damaged textile coating machine repair to be carried out, for the traditional method of concrete pouring governance, will make the repair time greatly extended, businesses will be more unacceptable. However, the polymer composite material will be a better solution to the textile coating machine above problems.