How to complete the installation of curtain coating machine?

- May 12, 2018-

The installation effect of the curtain coating machine will directly affect the quality of the product. Therefore, in the installation process, we must carefully do every detail, especially the level of the track. Next, we will briefly introduce the installation of curtain fabric coating machines and hope to help everyone.


The first step is to draw the line. The installation of the curtain coating machine often needs to be summarized based on long-term production experience. When the coater is installed, it is recommended that the track be approximately 80 cm from the wall. Politeness can be determined according to your own site. In other words, first draw a line 80 cm from the wall, draw a straight line parallel to the wall, and then use this line as a reference, and draw a straight line at a distance of 1830 mm. Then, start from either end and start at 1500 mm from the endpoint. At this point, make a vertical line of any line.


This vertical line is the position of the first table, which fully guarantees that the curtain coating machine is parallel to the track. Above the drawn line, the distance is 800 mm. The line is the position of the rail horn. Then the horn is placed vertically in the middle of the line, fixed with expansion screws, and the position of the stage just drawn is used as the starting point. The position of the table is 2400 mm, and the distance between the table and the table is about 800 mm.


Next is to fix the horn, then use the horizontal tube to find the level of each horn position, then the minimum number (this point is the highest point) to calculate how high each point pad should be, under the track pad Iron plate, welded firmly. Curtain coating machine track joints should be added connecting plate welding. Then make a fixture on the wall on both ends of the wall or on the pillar to pull a wire rope.


After that, the curtain coating machine workbench is placed in the middle of two tracks, and the height of the mechanical roller is calibrated. Then, the workbench pad is welded flatly on the bottom of the drum. Finally, the track is separated from the ground where it is fixed with cement to prevent the curtain coating machine from causing the screws to loosen during operation. At the same time, the feet of the workbench are also covered with cement to ensure production safety.