How does the textile coating machinery make fabric fit more stable?

- Feb 14, 2019-

When the textile coating machinery is working, in order to make the fabric fit more stable, the first thing is to increase the amount of glue applied.

We can choose an anilox roller with a deeper cellet, or increase the amount of glue applied to the surface of the substrate by increasing the pressure of the rubber bar and reducing the contact pressure between the blade and the anilox roll.

For some plastic film substrates, corona treatment can be carried out before coating to make the surface fluff, thereby improving the ability of the substrate to adsorb the adhesive and increasing the amount of glue on the surface.

Secondly, the appropriate drying temperature should be selected. If the coated substrate is heated to a high temperature or is subjected to high temperature cooking, the surface of the adhesive will be charred, thereby destroying the adhesive ability of the adhesive.

When the drying temperature is too low, the adhesive is not completely cured, the adhesive is poorly viscous, and the composite is not strong. After a period of time, bubbles are easily formed in the composite film, which destroys the composite quality of the product.

Of course, we can choose high temperature and retort adhesive to adapt to higher temperature drying.

In addition, it is necessary to appropriately increase the composite pressure for the textile coating machine.

In order to improve the bonding effect and quality of the composite film, it is necessary to prevent foreign matter, dust and other impurities from adhering to the adhesive or the composite surface of the substrate.