How does the automatic coating machine work?

- Sep 15, 2017-

Now the coating machine market began to popular automatic coating machine, this coating machine can be used for screen printing, and its working principle is not very complex, but in the performance can this piece and the ordinary coating machine is different. Then we according to different models to different manufacturers to make the corresponding production requirements. A lot of screen coater usually installs some devices that can clamp the screen frame above their vertical racks.

The two ends of the automatic coater are to be mounted on the vertical support arm of the coating machine, in addition to the belt, chain or cable transmission to carry out a fixed role, so that the coating machine can be more convenient for the body to move up and down the movement, and then you can follow the surface of the screen coating. Many transmission mechanisms are connected to the servo or inverter motor, so that the equipment can be operated more smoothly and firmly, and can also be more precise to control the position of the coating mechanism.

Generally when we are in the coating before we have to clean the network of the coating machine tension good screen from the front of the coating machine, of course, some models need to be installed from the side of the network version. In many of the screen frame design of the model side is more common, this is due to the large screen frame and very cumbersome causes, in fact, from the side of the loading version is more can make the coating machine lifting and moving volume greatly reduced.