Hot melt coating laminating technology and equipment

- Jan 20, 2018-

Hot melt laminating is the process of bonding two or more materials together through a certain type of binder in the equipment under certain process conditions to become a new material processing.This adhesive is a solvent-free thermoplastic polymer based matrix solid binder, the physical form of powder, granular, web and film.


In the laminating process due to the use of different adhesive form, so there is a suitable equipment,We have developed a multi-functional coating laminating machine, all using advanced control system, synchronization system, tension system, infrared and edge correction device,Heating methods using electric heating, fuel heating, oil heating and other means. Equipment application for a variety of laminating materials, but also apply to waterproof moisture-permeable film laminating materials.


Suitable for granular adhesive hot melt transfer coating laminating equipment,The pellet binder is heated and melted, the engraved roll transfers the molten binder to the substrate,Combined with another material together, the same suitable for heat-sensitive materials composite processing.


The biggest feature of hot melt compounding is environmental protection, and the adhesive is easy to transport and storage, ready to use without ingredients, saving the preparation time.Laminating heating and pressurizing at the same time, curing after cooling, and the curing time is short, improve the efficiency. The disadvantage is not suitable for heat-resistant low temperature and deformation of the sparse material.