Hot air stenter setting machine work matters needing attention

- Dec 12, 2017-

1. Before driving, check the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and safety guards are in good condition. Set the temperature according to process requirements, and then open the circulating fan, the host temperature during the warming phase of 15m / min, to reach the set temperature before the cloth. Meet the cloth requirements open the initiative brush wheel, the cloth in the needle plate, Try to be aligned on both sides, Put down the passive brush wheel at the same time and tighten the fabric. Start the host, you should first ring the bell to inform the operator at the end of the car, the cloth should be the fastest speed to wear cloth, and tighten the fabric, Rear-end staff should cooperate with each other.


2. The safety guard of the stenter machine should be intact in and out of the cloth, so as to prevent the cloth from clinging to the sleeves of the cloth, and also to prevent the chain from breaking off and wounding people.


3.  Rolling rope pull emergency stop switch and into the cloth to carry reliable and useful insurance, wear cloth operation must be stopped, reduce pressure and raised the roll, do not neglect.


4.  Cloth must be sewn, not allowed to tie knot, so as to avoid damage to the rubber roller accident.


5. Downtime, it should be reported to cool the heat transfer oil furnace.

Then stop circulating fan operation, open the door cooling, and run the host and the top of the exhaust fan alone until the temperature dropped to 80 ℃ before stopping, to avoid uneven heating of the chain of clothing clinging.