Hot air stenter operating procedures and maintenance work

- Jun 29, 2018-

This kind of stenter, like the non-woven stenter, is a common type of stenter. Therefore, it needs to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding, rather than a little understanding or staying on the surface. Moreover, familiar with this type of stenter can be used to correct and standardize the operation, and further, there are good economic benefits in the economic performance of the product.


1. Stretching in hot air stenter

The operation in the hot air stenter, if widely understood, utilizes the fact that the fiber has plasticity under wet conditions, gradually stretches the fabric up to the required size and performs drying stabilization and finishing, so it is also Call fixed length. In addition, the fabric is shrinking in the weft after passing through the hot air stenter, which can reduce its deformation during use.


2. Hot air stenter operating procedures


(1) Before starting the hot air stenter, it is necessary to conduct a careful and comprehensive inspection, whether there are abnormalities or problems, and if any, promptly deal with it. Wait until the problem is solved and check that everything is normal before starting the equipment. Then, set the temperature according to the process requirements and then turn on the circulation fan. When the temperature reaches the predetermined requirement, the cloth operation can be performed.


(2) The operator should keep the flatness of both ends of the cloth as far as possible when performing the upper cloth operation. When starting the equipment host, inform the rear operator that the cloth can be quickly put on and tightened when the cloth reaches the rear of the vehicle. Therefore, the position of the in and out of the cloth should be accurate, and the safety guard should be able to function normally to avoid accidents.


(3) When the hot air stenter works, if there is an abnormality or problem, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately without delay. When it is used up, it is necessary to cool down and stop the fan before it can be stopped after the temperature falls to the specified requirement.


(4) The operator of the stenter should regularly check whether the important parts of the equipment can be used normally. In addition, daily cleaning and maintenance work must be done to ensure the service life of the equipment. When the hot air stenter operates, it cannot be cleaned to prevent danger or accidents.


3. Hot air stenter maintenance

Hot air stenter requires daily maintenance and regular maintenance. In terms of maintenance, it is to inspect the equipment wires, circuits, heating pipes, and connection parts, whether there are problems such as aging, loosening, and damage, and if so, handle them in time so as not to affect the normal use of the stenter.