Hot air stenter machine ironing device and use process

- May 20, 2019-

The hot air stenter machine has two main types of heating devices, the open type and the oven type. Generally, the cotton cloth is used in a closed oven type, and the silk is used in an open type, which is heated by steam and sprayed to the wet.

The ironing device of the hot air stenter machine is effectively passed through the needle plate or the fabric stretched by the fabric during the use, and the edge of the cloth has a rugged ruffle phenomenon, and is ironed by a cylinder with steam in the middle. After that, the ruffle edge will be eliminated, and at the higher temperature, the expanded door width can be relatively stabilized, and the cloth can be ironed more smoothly.

The cloth-winding device of the hot air stenter machine passes the tented cloth through a series of guide rollers during use, and winds the cloth into a roll or falls into the turnover car through the S-shaped swinging cloth to enter the next process. The electrostatic conduction generated by the ironing friction on the cloth surface is dissipated by the tip discharge or positive and negative offset to prevent static electricity accumulation and affect the worker's