Hot air stenter heating system

- Jun 13, 2018-

Hot air stenter setting machine clicks on the cloth feeding mechanism button and enters into the operation interface of cloth feeding mechanism. During the operation, click on the cloth upper total control switch in the upper left corner to red. The hot air bridle setting machine can click the cloth outlet mechanism button to enter effectively. The cloth body operation interface, to a certain extent, click on the cloth control switch in the upper left corner to red.

The hot air stenter presses the reset button on the operation panel to a certain extent, and the indicator light is off to a certain extent. When the operation is performed, the power indicator light flashes, the power on indicator light is pressed, the chain rotates, and the acceleration indicator flashes .

Hot air stenter Click the oven button to enter the heating system

1. The hot air stenter clicks on the icon of the circulation fan to a certain extent, so that it can effectively enter the setting window of its circulation fan power. Click the circulation fan total button to pop up the circulation fan power setting window during the operation. Click the white bottom digital box to pop up the numeric keypad during operation, enter the desired output power value, and press OK.

2. Hot air stenter Click on the upper left corner or the upper right aspiration fan indication icon to enter the exhaust fan power setting window, click on the manual control button and confirm during operation, click on the white digital box to pop up the small number keypad during operation Enter the required value and confirm it. If the automatic control button is clicked and confirmed, the exhausting machine automatically adjusts the size of the exhaust fan power.

The temperature digital box displayed in the click oven simulation icon of the hot air stenter effectively enters into the heating window, and during the operation, the heating total can be clicked to effectively set the heating temperature, and each section can be set to a certain extent. The heating temperature of the oven, the heating temperature of 90 degrees or less click on the small fire to indicate that the icon is heated, the heating temperature of 90 degrees or more, then click on the fire to indicate that the icon to heat and confirm.

Hot air stenter machine correct cloth route to wear cloth guide cloth 9 from the cloth into the console), along the correct cloth route to wear out the cloth part of the guide belt (from the cloth out of the roller Cloth rack).