Hot air stenter composition and role and its purchase work

- Apr 23, 2018-

Hot air stenters belong to the category of stenters. However, this type of stenter may not be very familiar with and understood by the public. Therefore, the basic and important knowledge of this equipment will be introduced. . This can be properly and reasonably used in practical work, and thus, to obtain good use effects and economic benefits.

1. Hot air stenter purchase

Hot air stenter purchase, you need to know some specific information, product specific parameters, prices, market conditions, and manufacturers. Moreover, only by knowing these things can the stenter purchase work be carried out smoothly, so that they can make accurate judgments and make correct choices.

2 hot air stenter structure composition

Hot air tenter in the structure of the composition, there are in and out of the cloth device, rolling car device, cooling device, the entire weft device, hot air circulation system, drying room, over feeding device, web adjustment device and dehumidifying device these.

In and out of the cloth device, which is used to carry out the cloth and cloth operation, rolling equipment, mainly for the padding of the fabric processing. Hot air circulation system, which is used to increase the thermal energy utilization and production efficiency of the equipment. The cooling device, which can love the creases of young fabrics, and the overfeed device, is used to adjust the radial shrinkage of the fabric and improve the fabric feel. In addition, its web adjustment device allows the fabric to maintain its balance and web stability.

3. The role of hot air stenter

The main purpose of using the hot air tenter is to improve and improve the surface quality of the fabric, reduce the dyeing shrinkage of the material, and improve the uniformity of dyeing. Thus, the appearance of the fabric can be somewhat improved. And, it is generally used in the post-processing of fabrics. In addition, the use of such a stenter also eliminates static electricity, so that the overall quality of the product can be improved.

4. Stretching of hot air stenter

The tenter finishing of the hot air tenter is to utilize the plasticity of the fiber in a wet environment, gradually widen the width of the fabric to a specified size, and at the same time perform a drying and stabilization process. In this way, the degree of deformation of the fabric during use can be reduced, or the problem of deformation can be avoided.