Heating temperature and shutdown requirements for heat setting stenter machines

- Apr 14, 2019-

Shutdown requirements for heat setting stenter machines

1. After the fabric is finished, the guide cloth needs to be introduced into the console, tear the guide cloth, click the main control button to red, and close the upper needle protection inlet button to “0”. Start the rear half of the machine, stop when the cloth guide head reaches the cloth feeding super-feeding roller, connect the guide cloth to the guide belt, close the cooling tube tension motor to “0” and start the rear half of the machine until the guide cloth is completely out of the cloth rack. Close the main cloth control button to red and start the machine to make the chain idle.

2. Open the oven button of the setting cloth to enter the heating system interface, set the heating temperature to 150 degrees, the circulating fan power is 50%, the exhaust fan is manually controlled and the air is exhausted at 100% power, which can effectively remove the residual moisture in the oven. Gas, thus playing the role of maintenance oven. After about 30 minutes of operation, turn off the heating system and let the circulating fan and exhaust fan continue to run until the temperature in the oven drops below 100 degrees.

3. Turn off the power supply main control switch of the power cabinet to “OFF”. The computer automatically stores the processing data and then closes it to clean the whole machine.