Heating system and operation of fabric stenter

- May 31, 2019-

During the operation of the fabric stenter, click the oven button to effectively enter the interface of the heating system, set the heating temperature to 150 degrees, the circulating fan power is 50%, the exhaust fan is manually controlled and the wind is exhausted at 100% power, which can effectively remove The moisture remaining in the oven serves to maintain the oven. After about 30 minutes of operation, turn off the heating system and let the circulating fan and exhaust fan continue to run until the temperature in the oven drops below 100 degrees.

The fabric stenter locks the power supply main control switch to “OFF”, the computer automatically stores the processing data and then closes to clean the whole machine. Properly wear the cloth route and put on the cloth part guide cloth 9 from the cloth feeding frame to the operation table), and wear the guide belt of the cloth part along the correct clothing route (from the cloth feeding super-feeding roller to the cloth discharging frame).

The red stop button on the operation panel of the fabric stenter stops its chain when it is running, and its power-on indicator flashes. Put the guide cloth on the tenter chain and press the super-feed wheel down button for about 10 seconds. The button to be pressed is on. Open the motor of each part of the feeding mechanism to "1". Raise the sump, apply the rolling pressure, open the motor of each part of the console (except the upper needle protection inlet button), and click the upper left corner of the feeding mechanism to enter the overall control button to green. www.xindoumachine.com