Heating and ironing device for knitted fabric stenter

- Jul 13, 2018-

The knitted fabric stenter can be directly used to guide the fabric smoothly into the stenter during operation. Generally, it is composed of a plurality of guide rollers, a suction device and a bracket with a roller. It is used in two types: needle board type for cotton cloth and wool fabric, and cloth type for silk. It is used to fasten the cloth surface and to apply tension to the two sides to stretch the cloth surface.

Heating device for knitted fabric stenter

Knitted fabric stenter can be effectively divided into two types: drying room type and open type. Generally, cotton cloth is used for closed oven type, and silk is open type, which is heated by steam and sprayed to wet.

Ironing device for knitted fabric stenter

Knitting fabric tentering opportunities are effective through the needle board or the fabric stretched by the fabric. The edge of the equipment will have uneven ruffled edges, which is effectively ironed through the drum with the steam in between. The ruffles are eliminated, and at higher temperatures, the expanded door width is relatively stabilized, and the cloth is ironed more smoothly.

Cloth device for knitting fabric stenter

The tented cloth is passed through a series of guide rollers, and the cloth is rolled into a roll or passed through an S-shaped swinging cloth into the turnover car to enter the next process.