Heat setting machine stereotypes need to control the main physical indicators and control methods

- Jan 15, 2018-

1, width.

Width can be adjusted directly on the setting machine during production.

the width can be adjusted on the unit centimeters,The company's orders are generally requested in inches inches as a unit,Therefore, in the production process,need to convert the inches into centimeters to adjust,Conversion formula: 1 inch = 2.54 cm.


2, weight.

In general, weight is controlled by adjusting overfeed.In the rest of the same tension,In a certain range, over-feed larger, heavier weight, overfeed smaller, lighter weight.


3, cycle.

Cycle is closely related to the weight, It refers to the repeated size of the flower form from the beginning to the end. The control method is the same as the weight control method.


4, shrinking.

Shrinking is one of the most important physical indicators to be shaped.

Shrinking must be done on average, reasonable. For styling, shrinking is mainly controlled by resin or a predetermined type. For cotton cloth species, the resin is generally used to control shrinkage. In the resin can fully respond to the circumstances, the greater the amount of resin, the better the shrinkage, But the ensuing problem is that the more powerful it declines.

Therefore, the amount of resin is subject to certain restrictions. Under normal circumstances, B / F strength> 85PSI, TUMBLEDRY test method for the cloth species, the amount of resin 50G / L. The amount of resin generally 50G / L formula as the whole material. For ordinary double-sided cotton finishing fabric, the use of 80G / L resin as the whole material. Test methods are LINEDRY, HANGDRY, FLATDRY, Generally reduce resin production, in order to save costs.


5, twisted

Due to twist to the yarn, the yarn woven into the fabric after a certain twist-back trend, the formation of distortion.The tendency of twisting is more pronounced in single-sided fabrics.The size of the twist is related to the twist of the yarn itself, the fabric structure and the knitting process.Generally use skew stereotypes or step-by-step stereotypes control, in many cases also use a combination of two methods to control.However, resin cloth species, to improve the distortion can only take oblique stereotypes;Over the resin cloth species, to improve the distortion can be used step by step stereotypes.

When the amount of resin can not be too strong due to strong reasons or the fabric slanting too much over the adjustable range of the setting machine,Step by step stereotypes can not do the required distortion,

Can be skewed and step-by-step combination of methods to improve the distortion.




PILLING and raw material quality, fabric structure, resin reaction and pre-treatment process.There are three main ways to improve PILLING currently.First, enzyme washing;Second, over the resin;Third, In the material with the right amount of hard paste.




Strength is a physical indicator can not be repaired, so in the production process should be careful control.Strength size is related to raw material quality, fabric structure, knitting technology, resin reaction and pre-treatment process.For stereotypes,in ensuring the shrinking, PILLING, distortion and other physical indicators of the premise,we should minimize the damage to the strength.When these indicators can not take into account,priority to ensure security.


8, formaldehyde content

Under normal circumstances, high formaldehyde content is caused by incomplete resin reaction. Formaldehyde content of adult equipment requirements <75ppm. Some do children's wear and underwear single, formaldehyde content requirements <20ppm.As long as the resin is fully reacted, Formaldehyde content of adult equipment will meet the requirements.For demanding children's clothing and underwear single, as far as possible not over the resin finishing.In order to achieve other physical indicators, must be resin,It can only be arranged after the resin back to wash formaldehyde, and then wet stereotypes.


9, PH value

Customer requirements PH value of the fabric is weakly acidic or neutral, the general product PH value can not exceed 8.

NIKE, TOMMY and most domestic customers have strict requirements on the PH value :Light white PH range: 4.5-6.5.Therefore, all the cloth for these customers should pay attention to the PH value of the strict control.The pH is first adjusted in the dye-in-place HAC and is now improved by 0.2G / LAC at SANTEX.