Heat energy consumption of heat setting machine and its product features

- Jul 15, 2019-

Generally, the working temperature of the heat setting machine oven is about 200 ° C, the exhaust gas temperature is about 160 ° C; the cotton fabric is about 140 ° C, and the exhaust gas temperature is about 100 ° C. The energy consumption of a single setting machine is 60-100 million kcal. It is estimated that the heat energy consumed by fabric processing and shaping is only 29%, and the heat loss of the body is about 10%. The rest of the heat energy is lost to the atmosphere with the exhaust gas. 

The heat setting machine adopts a detachable design. When the heat pipe surface of the setting machine adheres to the surface of the heat pipe and affects the heat transfer, the heat exchanger heat preservation door can be opened in time, and the heat pipes are taken out one by one for cleaning. Lightweight, safe, fast and thorough cleaning and maintenance to ensure the heat transfer effect of the heat recovery equipment of the setting machine and prolong its service life.