Gridding cloth coating machine selection and grid cloth comparison

- May 28, 2018-

Gridding cloth coating machine is a common and commonly used coating machine in coating machines. Grid coating machine, in the purchase, is the need to know some specific information and content, and its specific information, mainly for the equipment parameters, price, performance, manufacturers and product after-sales service.


Gridding cloth coating machine, in the purchase process, can be to the manufacturer of the product to picture information, so that you can have a direct understanding of the product. This kind of coating machine is used in the textile industry and it is also used in other industries.


Grid coating machines, if roller coating machines are used, are important parameters that need to be noticed, such as coater power and material requirements.


Mesh cloth, which is a kind of glass fiber that is woven with alkali or alkali-free glass fiber yarn and then coated with an alkali-resistant polymer emulsion. And, it is more durable than ordinary cloth, and it has high strength and good alkali resistance.