Gridding cloth coating machine frequency control and coating methods

- Dec 06, 2017-

Gridding cloth coating machine can replace the artificial glue or ink substances uniformly adhered to the surface of the mesh cloth, so that not only improve the coating efficiency and process quality, while reducing labor intensity is also of great benefit, because the network Grid cloth coating machine can achieve high-speed uniform coating effect.


As the gridding cloth coating machine equipped with frequency converter and tension sensor and other components, so they can be completed at all levels of tension control, and its entire control system is also very simple and stable. When the grid cloth coating machine running process, you can use PLC or synchronous controller to control the drive roller drive speed, at the same time as the other drive line speed signal.


This closed-loop tension control can not only easily achieve constant tension in the process of acceleration and deceleration of the grid cloth coating machine, but also save the space of the tension roller of the device and reduce the cost; meanwhile, the high-precision control ensures a high average coating effect.


Mesh coating machine before coating need to clean, stretched mesh screen from the front of the coating machine, and some models can also be loaded into the screen from the side. No matter how the screen is loaded, once the screen is in the correct position, the pneumatic clamping or mechanical clamping will close and the screen will be locked.


In order to operate more convenient, grid cloth coating machine has a pedal control plate clip action, so that operators can free up both hands to control the screen. After the installation of the screen version, only need to grid cloth coating machine into the corresponding emulsion can start coating.