Good lubrication can improve the efficiency of air stenter machine

- Nov 08, 2017-

From the application point of view to analyze the words, in fact, air stenter machine in the textile printing and dyeing enterprises occupy an important position. This is because in the process of textile printing and dyeing, we need to use the role of air stenter machine to further enhance the appearance and quality of the fabric, it has a higher economic efficiency.


In other words, in the textile printing and dyeing factory, through the air tenter equipment finishing, you can make the appearance of the fabric looks more flat and beautiful, but also can effectively control the fabric in the tailoring process of deformation. However, some users in the use of the equipment in the process but encountered some problems.


The study found that, in practical work, the reason why the air tenter failure, a large part of the reasons are due to poor lubrication caused. Therefore, as a user, we should not only master the correct operating skills, but also should choose the appropriate grease to lubricate, to ensure that the equipment can run smoothly.



So, in the selection of lubricating products, how to determine whether it belongs to the air stenter machine required? Because the equipment is usually the working environment for the temperature and humidity have a certain requirement, so the lubrication products and the air may be in contact with water.


And if the moisture intrusion too much, not only will affect the actual lubrication effect, but also may increase the degree of corrosion of air stenter machine, it should choose a good resistance to water leaching performance and corrosion resistance of lubricating products.


In addition, because the air air stenter during the application is often maintained for a long time continuous working state, but also by the larger load, it may increase the contact surface friction, which is bound to cause wear and tear bearing, affecting the use of life. Therefore, the choice of grease not only to have a good lubricity, but also should withstand a certain high temperature.