Glass fiber coating machine technical parameters

- Mar 19, 2018-

First of all, briefly introduce the specifications of glass fiber coating machine performance, in practical applications, the application of the substrate includes glass fiber, polyester (30-200g/m2), substrate width is 1300mm; installed the total power is about 100kW. The edge precision of the winding of the glass fiber coating can reach ±2mm, and the coating drying speed is 25 meters per minute.


In addition, glass fiber coating machine typically have a mechanical speed of up to thirty meters per minute. The dry heating method used is electric heating, hot air circulation. Working temperature up to 50-160 °C. In the overall configuration, water, electricity, gas source each one. The dimensions of the device (length x width x height) are 10300x4000x6350mm.


In actual production, the configuration requirements mainly used in glass fiber coating machines are usually: 1 set of unwinding unit (single station), 1 set of extrusion coating unit, 1 set of drying oven (4.5 meters), 1 group of traction mechanism, One winding unit (single station), steel frame and transition part, electrical control system 1 and ventilation system 1 group. The color and direction of the machine are determined according to the requirements of the buyer.


In the acceptance of the glass fiber coating machine, in the initial acceptance stage, it is mainly carried out within the manufacturer, according to the parts and components specified in the contract. Finally, final acceptance is required, which is performed in the customer's factory, mainly to check whether the equipment performance meets the requirements, and then to perform trial operation to check whether the product quality meets the requirements, the uniformity of coating thickness, the uniformity of winding, and the stability of production. Wait.


When installing a glass fiber coating machine, it needs to be installed according to the use requirements. In particular, attention should be paid to the position and requirements of water and electricity interfaces, and the position of the retractable roll of the glass fiber coating machine should be confirmed to meet the requirements for use.