Function of relevant equipment on Interlining Coating Machine

- Nov 24, 2017-

When it comes to interlining coating machine, in fact, that is to process high-grade low-elastic lining and thin non-woven fabric lining  main equipment. And in the case of interlining coating machine equipment, it will include the back cloth, the point of the coating and dusting coating, in addition, it is also up and down the powder itself, drying room and its cooling and Winding, there will be several components such as pneumatic and electrical control.


When it comes to interlining coating machine equipment on the back part of the machine that will include the motor, reducer and its back cloth and other components, the main is responsible for unwinding work. Next, talk about the pulp coating section, about its working principle is that the input pump to the lining of the powder-free primer into the tube and will be through its holes into the nickel which among them, the use of scraper shear Force moment, to a large extent that it will make the slurry through the hole above the hole is squeezed out and will be attached to the fabric above.


Then, when the support roller and the garden turn and will drive the bottom cloth to move forward, the extruded pulp will actually form a regular pulp point directly, so as to make it To a large extent, it can evenly coat the base cloth.


Next, when it comes to the dust-coating portion of a interlining coating machine, it is to a certain extent that care should be taken to spread the powder evenly over the pulp point and to blow the air through the suction blower Directly  blowing sucked away excess powder between the point.


Furthermore, the interlining coating machine baking room on the part , according to its temperature settings in terms of words is divided into three zones, is transferred to the pulp above the pulp point Of the water to dry, so that the slurry firmly stuck to the fabric above. This part of the general terms that is, will use electric heating and electric - oil two heating methods, the main is the heating element and its hot air circulation and dehumidification system.