Frame design and closed loop automatic control of PVC coating machine

- Aug 20, 2018-

In the process of making PVC coating machine, it mainly uses its special high-speed coating head, which can effectively reduce the generation of air bubbles. When it is operated, its rewinding and reeling rolls are equipped with full-speed automatic film-bonding mechanism. Tension closed-loop automatic control, the workflow of the coating machine: coating a roll of substrate, such as paper, cloth, leather, aluminum foil, plastic film, etc., with a special function of glue, paint or ink, and drying Winding.

The two ends of the PVC coater are mainly installed on the vertical support arm of the equipment, and can be effectively driven by the chain, the belt and the cable during operation, so that the coating mechanism can be moved up and down, and along the operation when the operation is performed The surface of the screen is coated, and its transmission mechanism is connected to the servo or variable frequency motor to make it operate smoothly and accurately control the position of the coating mechanism.

Before the coating of the PVC coater, it is necessary to effectively load the screen of the cleaned net from the front of the coater, and some models can be loaded into the screen from the side during the operation. Among the models designed for large format frames, the side mounting is more common, because the frame is large and bulky, and the side mounting makes the lifting amount and the amount of movement smaller.