Flocking process characteristics of Wall cloth coaitng and flocking machiney

- Mar 11, 2019-

Flocking process characteristics of  Wall cloth coaitng and flocking machiney

The flocking process is more and more widely used. The Wall cloth coaitng and flocking machiney is a special equipment produced by this.The flocked wall covering produced is a product of planting short fibers on the grey fabric by using a high voltage electrostatic field. That is, the adhesive is printed on the surface of the substrate, and the electrostatic field of a certain voltage is used to accelerate the short fibers vertically onto the adhesive-coated fabric.


The Wall cloth coaitng and flocking machiney needs to pay attention to two points in the flocking cloth. One is the choice of fluff, and the other is the adhesive. In the printing, the appropriate fluff should be selected according to the actual situation; the adhesive is also divided into two types, one is the diplomatic joint type adhesive, and a certain amount of cross-linking agent and catalyst are added first when used, but it must be immediately after preparation Use, especially after adding the catalyst, can not be placed for a long time, which is to pay attention in the operation.


The other is self-crosslinking type adhesive. If a small amount of cross-linking agent is added during use, increasing the cross-linking depth is more conducive to improving the flocking fastness. In addition to paying attention to the difference between fluff and adhesive, it is also necessary to pay attention to the choice of baking temperature and time of the Wall cloth coaitng and flocking machiney. If the temperature and time are not set properly, it may cause partial hair loss.