Feeding rule of tenter machine

- Nov 23, 2019-

1. Wear the guide cloth according to the prescribed route (or check the worn guide cloth).


2, clean the machine (into the cloth rack and the front of the machine), check the needle clip for debris, and organize the surrounding environment, such as floor cleaning, cloth cleaning, cover cloth specifications, plastic box cover cloth, guide cloth cover cloth Wait.


3, according to the process conditions, the cloth to be produced is classified, and the cloth of the same process (recipe) is concentrated.


4. Check the relevant information on the process card and the binning card, and adjust the tension of the cloth according to the requirements of different varieties, the width of the whole weft detection, the width of the tenter width and the width of the suction edge, and at the same time the air pressure of the edger. At the same time notify the chemical personnel


5, according to the plan to master the production schedule, picking up the varieties of priority production.


6, check the guide cloth


7, strictly distinguish between fluorescent and non-fluorescent guide cloth.


8, each process should ensure that the guide cloth is complete, tidy, firm, clean, enough to avoid interruption of cloth, tearing cloth or needle removal or processing of cloth stains, etc. For dirty, broken guide cloth should be torn and re-sewn Head, if you want to replace, you should contact the squad leader for replacement and make relevant registration.


9, check the power cord and socket of the seaming machine, and notify the squad leader to replace if there is any damage.