Fabric coating machine development trend in the field of textile

- Mar 28, 2018-

Compared to the general coating equipment, the fabric Coating Machine is more complicated, but it has higher production and production speed in the coating and lamination processing layer. Other industries related to fabric coating are the rubber industry, which is related to fabric printing. So what role does fabric coating machine play in textiles?


The design of the fabric coating machine will involve textile technology, chemical and polymer chemistry, and engineering technology. The design, drawing, and preparation of the base fabric will require the use of textile technology. The base fabric determines the tear strength of the coated fabric. Tensile strength and coating suitability.


And to ensure the final quality, before the grid cloth is processed in the fabric coating machine, it must be properly trimmed in advance to obtain excellent polymer adhesion, soft hand and drape, and the polymer will be used at this time. The knowledge and skills in chemistry can be specified at the same time as the coating will be formulated.


In addition, people can use the knowledge of chemical engineering and mechanical engineering to design a grid-coating coater oven, which has a proper drying rate and is easy to smoke recovery, solvent extraction function, to large-scale production of products with specific technical performance. The treatment of the material by the fabric coating machine, especially the treatment of the coated material, is sometimes overlooked, but it is extremely important and often determines the profitability of the product.


Many fabric coating machines currently under development use automation and reliability control, thus reducing human factors. With the further development of information technology and the promotion of computer applications, this trend will be strengthened, and the degree of automation of the equipment will also be improved. Will be higher.