Dry coating & laminating technical and equipment

- Jan 27, 2018-

Dry coating & laminating means after the adhesive has been applied to the substrate, it must be oven-heated to remove the solvent from it and leave a cure adhesive that acts as a true adhesive, then combined with another material under certain temperature and pressure conditions , cooling into a new composite material.It is said to be dry-laminated because it is compounded with another material in a solvent-free "dry" state.


The adhesives used for coating & laminating are mainly single-component pressure-sensitive adhesives and two-component polyurethane adhesives.Due to the presence of solvent in the adhesive, the device must have a solvent collection and exhaust device that could cause fire and explosion.Solvent recovery increases equipment investment, emissions pollute the environment, deteriorating working conditions, affecting the physical and mental health of workers, so the structural design of the machinery put forward higher requirements.


Dry coating & laminating packaging materials, especially the film has been widely used in  laminated materials, can produce high profile composite packaging materials.


Polyurethane glue on a variety of materials have good adhesion, especially after sufficient cross-linking curing has good cohesion, film tough and flexible and heat resistance, good wash resistance, is a composite adhesive The leader, because people began to use it for the composite of clothing materials.A variety of coating methods suitable for the above adhesive coating, such as roller coating, blade coating, coating and spraying.http://www.xindoumachine.com/