Domestic printing and dyeing equipment is close to the international level

- Nov 30, 2020-

The special implementation of new dyeing and finishing equipment and process technology over the years, the technical level of various domestic new dyeing and finishing equipment has made great progress, and the gap between domestic printing and dyeing equipment and the international advanced level is narrowing.

Judging from the current printing and dyeing equipment produced in our country, many equipment have basically met the needs of domestic enterprises, and have improved in technology and quality. Like the pre-processing equipment, most de-boiling and bleaching combined machines adopt multi-unit text flow frequency conversion and split-source synchronous transmission, PLC programmable control, touch screen man-machine interface operation, all the elastic frames are pneumatically controlled, the tension is adjustable, and the unit frame The width has been expanded to 2800-3400mm, and high-efficiency, energy-saving and water-saving unit machines are used. There are also many companies that have developed straight-roll mercerizing machines. Among them, Xianyang Textile Machinery Factory's soft-expanded full straight-roll mercerizing machine is more prominent and is an innovation.

  Among the dyeing equipment, the domestic airflow dyeing machine has reached the advantages of similar foreign equipment, with remarkable effects of energy saving, water saving, small solution ratio and saving dyeing materials, and it is developing in the direction of high efficiency and low energy consumption.