Development and application of waterproof fabric coating machine in textile field

- Nov 28, 2018-

Waterproof fabric coating machines can be used to produce products with certain quality standards and durability to meet the needs of specific customers. The textile coating and lamination production process of waterproof fabric coating machines is similar to related engineering in the film and paper industry. Fabric coatings also use polymers used in the coatings industry. Fabrics use several thin coatings instead of a thick coating during the coating process to achieve the best results.

Waterproof fabric coating machines are more complex than textile equipment, and their production and production speed are relatively much higher during film processing. In the coated and laminated layers, paper has a higher yield and production speed than textiles. Generally, film and paper are more dimensionally stable than fabrics.

The fabric coating effect of the waterproof fabric coating machine is also related to the fabric printing. In fact, according to some definitions, the coating printing is an adhesive coating of the adhesive, some of which are coated with the polymer, and the coating is printed. The thickener in the ink is similar to that used in fabric coatings. The “whole” print is difficult to distinguish from a light-weight coating, and the rotary screen printing machine can easily complete this coating.

Prior to use of the waterproof fabric coating machine, the fabric must be properly finished beforehand to obtain an immunized polymer adhesion and a soft hand and drape. It has the right drying rate and easy smoke recovery and solvent stroke to produce products with specific technical properties on a large scale.