Detailed process of opening operation of knitted fabric tenter

- Nov 15, 2018-

Before opening the knitted fabric tenter, the staff should not forget to check first to ensure that they can be used normally. Then, according to the process requirements, the temperature is set, and then the circulation fan is turned on. During the temperature rising phase, when the vehicle speed reaches 15 m/min and the predetermined temperature is reached, the cloth can be loaded.


When laying on the cloth, it should be noted that the ends should be as flat as possible. When starting the mainframe of the knitted fabric tenter, the bell should be notified to the rear operator, then the cloth should be worn at the fastest speed when the cloth is delivered to the rear of the vehicle, and the fabric should be tightened. The staff behind should cooperate well. ready.


In addition, the grey fabric must be sewn and not allowed to be knotted. After the end of the operation, the knit fabric tenter equipment should be shut down as required. Before the shutdown, the cooling requirements should also be notified to the hot-load thermal oil furnace. Stop the circulating fan first and open the door to cool down. When the temperature drops to 80 °C, it can stop.


During daily work, the staff needs to maintain good work habits, especially to regularly check the heat transfer oil pipes in the oven. In addition, the cleaning of the knit fabric tenter should be done and kept in normal working condition.