Design ideas and advancement of hot air stenter

- Oct 06, 2017-

In the daily production ,most companies used the hot air stenter finished fabric. When the fabric with a certain moisture content and a chemical fiber having a strong hygroscopicity enters the hot air stenter machine ,then make the width to the specified size

Not only that , the hot air stenter machine also have the heating and drying function , as to coordinate the state of warp and weft and to achieve the uniform of the fabric . so the fabric will become more beautiful , size and performance can meet the standard .



Regards the hot air stenter machine that integration a lot of advanced technology and device , such as IR edge detector ,AC frequency control that can be set according to the different fabrics.

And also have up and down overfeeding device , brush wheel , winder device and so on . all of these synchronous control by variable frequency and synchronous motor .

Compared with some traditional textile machinery, the hot air stenter with full digital control system as the core,the inverter, PLC, touch screen, monitor and other parts are integrated by communication type , accurate control of the whole operation process effectively, so as to achieve the ideal effect.

The circulation fan of hot air stenter with AC variable frequency speeding, the motor and fan are directly connection,simplifying the structure, the temperature of each chamber is controlled separately . In addition the nozzels adopt punching type ,the upper and lower air speed can be ration adjusted ,which can be better with the actual requirements and produce more high-quality fabric.



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