Denim coating machine structure and function

- Jun 26, 2019-

The denim coater comprises a base, a paint supply mechanism and a winding mechanism, the control panel is embedded on one side of the base, the coating mechanism is installed at the top center of the base, and the press cloth is mounted on one side of the coating mechanism, and the block has the installation At the top of the coating mechanism, the coating supply mechanism is embedded in the middle of the bracket, the top cover is mounted on the top of the mixing chamber, the feed opening is open on one side of the top cover, and the top cover is attached to the top cover.


The denim coater has the function of winding the whole material, adjusting the unloading and compaction conveying, and improving the convenience of use; the tuyere has an air outlet passage, the bellows body has a cavity inside, and the windshield body is disposed at the head end of the intake air. The outlet is provided with an air outlet connected to the air outlet passage at the bottom of the wind box body, and the wind shield is detachably disposed in the air outlet passage or the air outlet, and the air deflector is provided with a plurality of conductive holes, air nozzles and baffles Removable for easy removal and cleaning.


The denim coating machine can adjust the air volume and wind speed by changing the deflector. The air volume and wind speed are more even and stable. It is not necessary to install the bellows in the bellows body. The biliary body enlarges the space of the cavity, simplifying the structure and reducing the structure. Manufacturing costs for ease of maintenance and maintenance.