Curtain coating machine parameters and job requirements

- Nov 30, 2017-

Curtain coating machine is designed for curtain cloth coating process, and its structural configuration and function features are designed for the characteristics of the curtain fabric, so you can make the curtain fabric to achieve excellent coating quality, in line with its Application requirements. So when using the curtain coating machine what need to pay attention to ?


Curtain coating machine, after all, is a professional equipment, so as its operators must accept pre-job training and assessment before passing posts, and should strictly abide by the rules. In addition to the necessary maintenance personnel, non-staff members are not allowed to operate the equipment or change its parameters set.


Before starting the curtain coating machine, you need to make appropriate adjustments to its parameters, such as its roller speed ratio is recommended to set in the range of 1.3-1.5; also must confirm that the drying machine curtain curtain coating machine has been started, To start the air heater, you can not confuse the order.


In addition, but also to adjust the curtain coating machine coating roller and back roller gap, so that the coating roller just wipe the slurry without backing the back roller principle, you must ensure that the two rollers in parallel, the gap consistent. After reset curtain curtain coating machine parameters, be sure to press the reset button to change the parameters.


After the curtain coating machine coating work is completed, pay attention to keep the back roller cylinder and linear slide cleaning and lubrication, especially bearing parts and gearbox, must be regularly lubricated. Do not forget to do a good job of equipment 5S work, keep equipment and the surrounding environment clean and tidy, so that it always maintain a good working condition.